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I’m Popular!

When you have a blog or website that allows comments you absolutely have to filter them. Whether you have 1 visitor a day or 1 million, it doesn’t matter, spammers will bombard your site with fake comments hoping that the links the comments create will increase their Google ranking (or ranking for their clients).

I have no doubt that the majority of these comments are written by bots blindly posting anywhere a comment will be accepted. How do I know this? The grammar. It is beyond broken English. Oh, and the subject matter. A while back I posted a flyer for a local charity golf outing. Enricho commented by saying he has been “searching the Internet for years trying to find this info.” Well, Enricho, I’m glad I could be of assistance. I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t show up at the golf outing. Too bad…

Back to the point. Today, while cleaning out my spam comments, I found a comment that has to be true. Here it is, presented in all its glory:

I made Treasa’s Top Ten List! In fact, I’m number two. Right behind The Ejaculation Trainer Review blog? WTF? Really?!? Okay, I know it’s not real. I realize it is spam. But couln’t they have cum up with a little more flattering way of getting their comment posted? I’m not sure I want a person who lists his/her favorite site as The Ejaculation Trainer Review blog as a fan of mine.

Okay this post is too long. I meant for it to be a sentence or two followed by the screenshot above. Sorry.