Ever Since the World Ended (2001)

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

This movie could have been so good. I absolutely hate it when someone takes a brilliant idea for a film and turns it into trash [i.e. Pathology (2008)].

The movie is a faux documentary about life in San Francisco 10 years (or so) after a plague killed most people on earth. In post-plague San Fran only 186 people remain. How do we know 186? Because they tell us over and over and over.

The acting was, for the most part, terrible. Also, if this is a documentary how can the movie premier of the documentary be in said documentary as occurs at the end of this film? Other issues: How is everyone so clean and well groomed? Why are the streets still in perfect condition and devoid of any trash? If the roads are so great then why isn’t anyone driving? You mean to tell me no one has figured out how to siphon gas out of a tanker truck or gas station holding tank?

There were a few positive thought provoking moments. For example, what do you do if one of the 186 residents becomes ‘unstable’? Is it okay to kill him so you can feel safe again? How long would it take for society to revert back to the basics such as farming, hunting, and gathering? In the movie there is still a large city’s worth of modern conveniences left to sustain the survivors.

The only believable part of the film was the appearance of Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame playing pretty much a carbon copy of his techie self. If anyone in San Fran were to survive the ‘end of the world’ it would be one of the Mythbusters.


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