20 Years After (2008)

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Okay, I’m a sucker for the post-apocalyptic movie genre. I’m not sure why though I’m sure a good psychiatrist could figure it out; probably some deep-rooted hatred of society… or President Obama. Yeah, I’ll blame it on Obama.

Anyway, this movie was just a notch above horrible. The acting was barely passable, save a few moments here and there. The soundtrack was distracting. Is this a movie or a daytime soap? Seriously, the ‘mood’ music sounds like it came straight from a made for TV Lifetime movie, but not as good.

As for the story… Um, well. I’m guessing there was a story in there at some point. Basically, 20 years after an unexplained nuclear war and an unexplained plague there is a woman, Sara, who is pregnant with the first baby born in fifteen years (Children of Men, anyone?). I think this point is important though the movie doesn’t explain why.

Then there is a DJ  named ‘Micheal on the Radio’ broadcasting from an underground station, a ‘doctor’ named Samuel who is also a ventriloquist, Sarah’s mom, and some other people who all end up together in a cave because there is water there. Stuff happens, one of them gets an old F150 to run on moonshine, more stuff happens, Samuel turns out to be some sort of mystic (possibly an allegory for hope?). Some bad people try to get the baby, some people die, a small twist not worth mentioning is revealed, blah blah blah.

Sarah (still pregnant), her mom and Micheal-on-the-Radio decide to leave in the truck and head to the city to find another DJ. More stuff happens, we meet the other DJ, who is also a ventriloquist, more bad people, the baby is born, more mystical stuff (this time the ventriloquist’s dummy), the end.

What I learned… The only people who will survive a nuclear war are hippies and ventriloquists so if I become a hippie ventriloquist I may possibly end up the ruler of the world. I also learned how to spell ventriloquist.


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