[REC] 2007

Rating: ★★★★☆

I think I’ve seen this film before… Oh yeah, it was called Quarantine! This Spanish film actually came out first and Quarantine was nothing but a shot-for-shot remake of  it. Here’s a little timeline for you…

[REC] – Released in Spain (2007)

Quarantine – Released in US (2008)

[REC] – Released in US (2009)

On a side note, both of these films have a scheduled sequel. I wonder if one will be another shot-for-shot remake of the other…

Back to the movie. A reporter and a cameraman are filming the nightly routines of some local firefighters. A call comes into the station about an elderly woman trapped in her apartment. When the firefighters and the film crew arrive at the apartment an all out zombiefest ensues leaving the firefighters, film crew, and residents trapped in the apartment building.

When this movie started I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through. While I’m a fan of the ‘found film’ genre, I already sat through the ‘average-at-best’ Quarantine – and this version (though the original) isn’t even in English! In the end I was suprised at how much better [REC] is than its shot-for-shot English translated brother, Quarantine. If you’ve already seen Quarantine, and if you did not HATE it, I recommend watching [REC] and comparing the two.

Oh, one last thought. I’m not sure of the ‘technical’ definition of shot-for-shot remake but there are definitely some differences between the two films. They are not 100% identical…


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