Primer (2004)

Rating: ★★★★☆???

Let me start by saying WTF?!? WTF wtf w.t.f. W.T.F. WWTTFF. Seriously, WTF!

Okay, now that that’s out of my syst… WTF!

I consider myself somewhat intelligent. I know a little about a lot of things. Ask anyone who has played Jeopardy with me.

But this film nugget, well… it has me stumped. I’m still not sure what it’s about.
Filmed on a very small budget, something like $7,000 (I’m too lazy to verify the exact figure), this film follows four techie guys as they invent stuff in a garage in hopes to create and patent the ‘next big thing in electronics’ (I think). Two of them go off on their own project, something about making things lighter (I think). What they actually create, by accident (I think), is a time machine.

(Note: I probably mention something about ’spoilers’ right about now but honestly, I don’t think it matters.)

Their time machine creates a loop in time (I think) where an object can leave the box before it is actually placed in the box. The figure out that it’s a time machine when they put a watch in it and some weird stuff happens, though I’m still not sure WHAT actually happens.

Next one of the guys creates two human sized time machines at a storage locker so they can begin some time travel experiments. Basically, they turn the machine on in the morning and in the afternoon they get in it. They are then able to ride the time loop (I think) to the point at which the machine was turned on thus exiting it in the morning and living the day over again (I think).

Their experiments start out by cashing in on the stock market each day. They enter after the market closes and exit when the market opens. Eventually they start more detailed experiments that alter the space time continuum (I think). Something about a guy with a shotgun, I don’t know, I couldn’t follow that part of the story. This is also the part where they start fighting and not trusting one another. There is also something to do with an mp3 player…

Eventually we find out the one dude built a ‘fail-safe’ time machine. One that he turned on before their experiments so if something goes wrong he can go back to the beginning and disable the other machines (I think). Then there is more fighting and an airplane. Then some foreigners and the movie ends (I think).

I like that the movie isn’t dumbed down for mass appeal. I also like the low budget ‘reality-filming’ feel of the movie, think ‘Pi’ but in color and not so grainy. I don’t like how the movie left me cursing uncontrollably as my confusion (and headache) set in.

Please someone watch this movie and tell me what it is about. Please?!?


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