Street Thief (2006)

Street Thief PosterRating: ★★★★★

Let me start by saying to those that have seen this movie or “know” about this movie, I too, “know” but I’m not going to mention it here. For those who haven’t seen it I STRONGLY suggest getting it and watching it without doing any research on it. If you read the reviews or plot summaries of this movie IT WILL RUIN it for you. After you watch it you will be left with some questions. Only then should you Google your questions to find the answers, and you will be able to find the answers.

Okay, on to the movie…

Street Thief (2006) is a documentary of the notorious Chicago thief Kaspar Carr. The film crew follows Kaspar over a period of several months as he cases out several businesses and explains the ins and outs of being a successful thief. You get an inside look at how Kaspar finds businesses to target and how he carries out his crimes.

Watching this movie some will get fleeting ideas of becoming a street thief themselves, I know I did. This documentary almost romantisizes the street thief life. It shows the cerebral side of buglary. Kaspar is not some thug with a gun but a meticulous planner with eyes for the little things that the average person wouldn’t notice. Months of planning go into every hit. Nothing is left to chance. Every crime appears to be the “perfect” crime, a crime that is untracable back to the thief himself.

Get it, watch it, let me know what you think.


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